Good night, Ewy.

Tribute to Ewoma Ogedegbe’s home calling

The passing on of a dear friend can make you walk through the valleys of the shadows of death. It’s able to make you shut down and give you a rude awakening of how short our time here is. And Ewy’s exit was rude. Not courteous at all. Just rude. Too sudden, too fast, so unannounced. No time to process it, no time to negotiate.

That fateful Tuesday evening (one week ago now) she came back from SALT (Strategic Advanced Leadership Training) meeting, had dinner with her husband while they watched their favourite TV program, called Keri to bring his school assignment, and then moved to her laptop to finish her slides for the presentation she had the next day. But… she was the presentation the angels gave God the next day.

Just like that.





Ewy, writing this is both difficult and surreal. Nothing prepared us for this. You didn’t too. No final words, no goodbyes, not even time to process it.

You did everything too quickly, so was your passing – too quick, too sudden, and too unannounced. You left us with too many questions that we wished God would dignify us by providing answers to. You forced us to accept God’s verdict reluctantly. We were left with no alternatives. We could only trust He knows what He is doing.
It was a privilege to be your leader. Your humility was exemplary. Your devotion to His cause was enviable. You carried out instructions given to you with the speed of light. You followed up on your members like time was against you and they would run away if you didn’t. Sometimes your urgency at executing tasks and assignments puzzled me I almost wanted to call and ask that you slowed down. You were into everyone and involved with everyone’s issues.

The marriages you blessed and the couples you touched will not forget you. The late night calls and the late night visits you made to resolve issues will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Thanks for being a friend, Ewy. Thank you so very much. Thanks for the times you changed my son’s diapers. Thanks for the times you fed and put him to sleep when my wife was away. Thanks for the hospital visits. Thanks for trusting my decisions and believing in me. You were a coordinator’s coordinator. Thanks Ewy.

Thanks for all our birthdays you celebrated. Thanks for all the joy you radiated. Your laughter, your hugs, your care… You gave excuses for our inadequacies. You covered up for our lapses. You had something good to compliment about everyone. You were lavish in your praise, too generous in your giving. You spent and was spent for Him.
Though Emi and Ada would have wished you held their babies in your arms but we will be comforted with the fact that we would see you again. You served your Father. You finished your assignment. Heaven welcomes you and we wave you good night. See you later sis.



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