#FathersLikeThat: Barack Obama and His Daughters

Fatherhood is a privilege. Providing your daughter a healthy self-esteem is a huge honour. It is a blessing to be positioned to help set the course for their lives.

Barack Obama is one father who does not take this role lightly. The bond is inspiring. The guidance is endearing. Barack Obama is a FatherLikeThat.


Barack was President. And Barack was Present.




#FathersLikeThat. Pull off their shirts for a swim


#FathersLikeThat. To the deep


#FathersLikeThat. Ice cream time


#FathersLikeThat. Beach time
#FathersLikeThat. Family time – Power time.


#FathersLikeThat. The forehead kiss


#FathersLikeThat. The walks.

Hugs are energy-soaked. #FathersLikeThat



You would want to know what the joke was. #FathersLikeThat


#FathersLikeThat. Hugs – Energy.




Power. Life. #FathersLikeThat










Priceless moments. #FathersLikeThat



Obama was President. Obama was Present.


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