Couples’ Paint Nite – Lovebirds. Photos.

We were all first time painters. The only experience we possibly had painting would be back in high school. Of course, you would remember that the paintings we did back then in school, as elementary as it was, was so we could get good grades. It wasn’t so enjoyable. But this was fun, memorable and exciting.

It was themed LOVEBIRDS. Because that is what we truly are.

It was supposed to hold at night, but, oh well…daytime, eventually, seemed more appropriate.


The job. What each of us have been tasked to paint.


Let the painting begin.


It was a task that required focus and seriousness.


We all started out on empty canvases


We had to keep looking at the original from our phones.


Focus. Concentration. Finesse.


First the sketch…


Then the paint. Seriously? Are those the birds? lol


It’s a joint effort. The two working together for same purpose. Isn’t that what marriage is about?


When we give our best and support each other, only beauty will come out of us.


No rule says that only men can paint. One size does not fit all.


We paint. We connect. We build friendship.


When we make the effort and give the time, the end result is always amazing.


We all are God’s beautiful painting. He took His time in creating us.


And the two shall become one. Each part supplying, each part working. We win.


When our hearts unite as one, there is strength even in our quietness.


The pride, the joy.


When your hard work pays off, the victory smile is always sweet.


Together we accomplish great feats


What is amazing about our painting? That we did it together.


Every remembrance of this would always gladden our hearts.


Who says you can’t do it?!




You and me sitting on a tree….K.I.S.S.I.N.G


Do we look like the birds we painted?


Love is a beautiful thing.
Awwwww….sweet love…sweet hearts.


Just like the birds.


And we bond through the process.



We all are God’s painting. We all are beautiful.



Hurray!!!! Fantastic Lovebirds!

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