Couple Crush Wednesday: Ladi and ZeeZee Okuneye – Ever smiling lovebirds

juwonodutayo.comI met him in church. And I must confess the first time I saw him, his size made me feel so little, so miniscule I almost didn’t want to go close. His physique was just intimidating, truly. Ladi is the kind of guy you see on the cover of GQ or Rollingstone. He didn’t even look like he was a Christian. I mean, he was too muscular to be one, he looked more like a wrestler, a body-builder or some rugby player. And when I heard him talk, I felt even more daunted. Clean speech, articulate, like he was reading a mental note. It just explains why he is a Marketing Director at O3b Networks.




Zeezee is a certified marriage coach and Relationships Enthusiast. Soft spoken and amiable. Don’t let her slim, model-like body deceive you. What it carries is enormous. It’s not every time you find a woman who has a solidified grasp of what she is about. Hers is an unquestioanable sound mind. A rare breed of some sort whose sense of awareness is uncommon. When she talks it is with conviction and persuasion.

ZeeZee takes the task of managing a home and a beautiful career heads-on. You can find her videos on any issue on marriage on youtube. Just type zeezeeio and you are there or check out her website here and enjoy the various inspirational materials that are loaded there.


My wife and I were quietly thrilled when the class assigned these lovebirds as our facilitators.

We started meeting weekly, just eight of us – four couples. And that was how we discovered the beauty and simplicity that these two possess. No airs, just simple, admirable couple whose passion for God and a godly marriage was contagious. Eloquent Ladi shared his life, his walk with God and his love for his wife. I learnt hands-on never to judge a book by its cover. The care and compassion they exuded was extraordinary.

Those meetings were memorable. And many years after, the lessons learnt still resonate.


Happy couples take selfies

Ladi (‘ZeeZee’s husband’ as he is fondly called) and ZeeZee met in December, 2002 through a mutual friend in Atlanta, Georgia. Their ‘mumbo-jumbo’ set them on a path that has me ‘crushing’ on them today.  They mark their 12th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and their journey has adventurously produced three awesome children.

He treats her like a queen. She adores him like a lord. They are just a fineeeeeeee couple.

Ladi gave me a quote that has stuck with me for years

‘The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook a transgression.’ It stuck. It has helped in my marriage and it continues to guide me to becoming a better man.

When I remember Ladi, Proverbs 19:11 is the first thing that comes to my mind.
Ever smiling lovebirds


Amazing couple. Fantastic friends.

God bless you guys.





“The me that I want to see in my marriage is second to the me I want to see before God. As long as I’m trying to be the best me in my relationship with God, my marriage will be fine.” Ladi Okuneye


I love the love you share.


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