Couple Crush Wednesday: Captain Matthew and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Still dating 20 years after

First let me do an expose on the picture below:

If you’re looking for a picture that says a thousand words, look no further. This is bus stop!


“I couldn’t have had it better without you. Our story is what fairy tales are made of. You took the risk with me and twenty years after, it still seems like we are dating. What can I say, Captain? Or how can I thank you enough? How many men would stoop low to make their wives great? How many would not mind that that the spotlight is on their wife and not on them? Many thought we would have crashed by now but look at us. Look at how far we have come, look at how strong we have become. Each year, each tear, only made us stronger.

Thanks Captain. Thanks for a beautiful marriage. Thanks for four outstanding children. Thanks for a successful career. Most importantly, thanks for the friendship we share.”

Okay, those were not Omotola’s words, but come on, look at that look and you will know I didn’t even do half of what it says.

It’s risky to put your love life on social media but Captain Matthew and his wife do it and, I bet you, they rock at it! The trolls, the clap backs, the gossip, the criticism, they are endless but twenty years after they have only grown stronger.

So, there you have it, my couple crush this week, Captain Matthew Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.



Being an only daughter came with its challenges, losing your father at 12 could quadruple those challenges. But Omotola held on strong for her mum and two younger brothers. She took her grieve and tears to the screen and made them useful there.

She was 16 when Captain Matthew met her in church. And the day after he appeared in her house without notice. She would recall, she hadn’t even showered when he arrived. Captain warmed his way into the family and tried to play the role of the father they lost.



Two years after, he proposed. Yes he proposed marriage when Omotola was just 18. As in, she was 18 when he asked for her hand in marriage. Ridiculous, yeah, I know. Crazy, yeah, I agree. But, really what is the point going from JSS1 to SS3 if you’re not going to write WAEC? I mean, if you can’t see her as your wife, why waste her time making her your girlfriend? Even Omotola’s mum thought he was crazy but, what did we call him again? Yeah, Captain! A captain is a leader, a chief, a commander, Omotola’s mum had to sign up. He saw what he wanted and he went for it.








And when Captain was asked what has kept this marriage for these number of years, he says,

“God.  Honestly, that is the truth and I give Him all the glory.  I sometimes cannot understand why. I come home, I look at her and I am still very much attracted to her, just the same way I was 15 years ago and I have a lot of friends that are married.  Of course, they tell you that after two, three years, they’ve seen it all. Nothing is exciting to them anymore.  They are looking for a babe out there.  But for me, it’s not like that.  Anytime I see her, it’s like waoh! She’s like a new baby to me.  It’s like a new day for me and I feel so happy to have met her.”









omotola1-2 omotola1-3




You guys rock! More amazing years ahead.






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