My Tutor and I is a specially arranged program to build self-confidence, strong academic excellence and high IQ. We give instructions to individuals, small groups, organizations, in order to help them help themselves, guide them to a point where they become independent learners and effective at their various vocations or careers.


My Tutor and I offers personalized programs that help the student ‘catch up and keep up’, maintain a high academic prowess, retain critical skills, and prepare for new challenges. It provides more empathy with students and increases understanding of subject area. It offers more individualized, systematic structured learning experience.
We read the emotional states, attitudes and perceptions of our students and use them as tools to communicate in a way that makes them understand and grasp the subject matter. We are aware that students are often reticent to discussing their academic problems, so we provide an open atmosphere that makes it easy for them to express their challenges. Humor has the potency of reducing tension, this we employ in our service to ease and increase rapport.

We display a strong desire to listen and have the ability to see others from their personal frame of reference.

We form relationships. We build relationships. And we maintain relationships. Our service is long-term. We make every contact and interaction leave an indelible mark in each of our student. We are committed to seeing positive change and result. We are resolute in our resolve to truly raise intellectuals. We place a comma where others have put a full stop. We share ourselves, our lives, our mistakes, our successes, in a way that makes a positive difference with our students.

Our Services include
1. Soft Skills Training
2. Highly Individualized One-on-One Tutoring
3. Coaching and Mentoring

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