Very Soon

God will not give us good times alone. If He does, then how would we appreciate them, how would we be grateful? Stuff happens to us that we cannot explain, bad things happen to good people, life sometimes go awry regardless of how straight and upright you have been. And you wonder why you. Why not you? So what if you’ve been living on the straight and narrow. Who told you that’s the requisite for avoiding the school of hard knocks?  Who told you gory days would not come? Even if you ask Why till kingdom come, you still may not get answers to these things. God hasn’t called us to explain Him; He called us to trust Him. And He definitely owes you no explanation. So, just trust.

Your downtime today are the very materials needed for your next testimony. Trust.

The ‘hell’ you’re going through now are the stuff breakthroughs are made of. Trust.

Pay attention.

Pay attention to details.

Be aware of the process.

Document the various phases.

Take note of the characters involved.

Because, very soon, the spotlight will be on you.

And we will ask you how you made it here.

Better start rehearsing your speech or your testimony now.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you.


Everything, I mean, everything, is working together for your good.

Say that with me. Everything is working together for my good.




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