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My Tutor and Iis a specially arranged program to build self-confidence, strong performance and excellence at the work place. We give instructions and information to individuals, small groups and large groups in order to help them help themselves, guide them to a point where they become efficient and effective at their various professions.


My Tutor and I prepare you for new challenges reading the emotional states, attitudes and perceptions or backgrounds of the staff, using them as tools to communicate and effect positive change in the work environment.


Our trainings are primarily and specifically Soft Skills.



‘Soft Skills’ are those skills that are difficult to automate. You cannot preset or program them. They are difficult to measure, they are hard to recognize. But as ‘soft’ as it may sound, they are the most important skills for any career. Of course, the phrase sounds weak and dull. No one really wants to agree that they are lacking in ‘soft skills’ but absolutely nothing can be achieved in any organization without them.

It is pretty easy to determine who is a better brick layer or who is better in math. But how do you determine who is best at innovation or diplomacy? Hard skills can be measured but not soft skills. Soft skills are those skills that characterize relationships with other people and how you approach life and work.They are the skills that define leadership and creativity.

Your hard skills may open the door and get you the job but ‘Soft Skills’ is what determines whether you would stay in and for how long. Degrees and credentials are important, but the development of soft skills—skills that are more social than technical—are a crucial part of fostering a dynamic workforce and are always in high demand.


We are therefore, glad to introduce our Soft Skills training solutions to your organization and our approach to meeting specific training needs you may have.

Some of the Soft Skills we provide training in are listed below.

Soft Skills:

  1. Time Management
  2. Decisions-Making
  3. Self-Motivation
  4. Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Flexibility
  7. Communication skills
  8. Team work and Collaboration
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. Interpersonal Skills
  11. Adaptability
  12. Strong work ethic
  13. Customer Service
  14. Enthusiasm and Attitude
  15. Networking
  16. Professionalism
  17. Personality types


Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking the least amount of your time possible.

Training sessions will be comprised of both activities that will touch upon the subjects you request for. Each session is fully engaging and practical. We have the best hands with practical experience to handle any of the sessions.

Our courses are fully interactive with majority of the time spent on real and hypothetical case studies that brings home the concepts taught to participants; this ensures that participants play a full part in the learning process thus making training enjoyable, stimulating and effective for all.



Our Goals

Heighten sense of competency and adequacy.

Encourage higher levels of thinking.

Improve personal growth

Increase opportunity to reinforce instruction


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