Monday Morning Musings: ‘We know where this man is from.’

Ever met people who knew so much about you they knocked you off each time they opened their cakehole?

“…we know where this man is from…”

They know so much about your history and culture they can even adequately predict your future. They know how things had been and have proper analysis for how they even are presently. ‘Come on, he is from Galilee…He could not be Him that was promised!’

They know where you are from. They know how you came. Your father was a struggling carpenter. And your mother, a roadside opa seller. They were there when you were sent out of school and still remembered how you fed from the crumbs that fell off neighbors’ tables. The five attempts you made at WAEC to be able to put one result together was not hidden from them. The many odd jobs you did just to get by in school was all documented in their memory.

“…search and look, for no prophet has risen out of Galilee.”

There has never been a single successful person in your lineage. Your village and community has never produced anybody worth mentioning. Failure is so characteristic of your roots. Mediocrity is quite synonymous with your background. Check your pedigree, your mother is onion and father garlic, how can you smell so different? Come on, ever seen an Igbo man selling suya?

Ever met people like that?

They know too much. They talk too much.

But the more they know and show the emptier they become.

The more they talk and blab the more obvious their folly.

Because they forget.

They forget straight trees have crooked roots. They forget if God is for you, your past was only a tool. They forget if no prophet has risen out of Galilee, you were destined to blaze the trail. They forget when God picks a man’s file He does not consult his background. They forget when God chooses to bless a man, his lineage is not a criteria. They forget though your beginning be small, your latter end surely increases. They forget it isn’t about your lineage or your village, it’s indeed about your godly heritage.

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Nazareth, an insignificant agricultural village. Nazareth, a small community of about 600 and 2000 people. Nazareth didn’t make the news. Nazareth didn’t raise a star. Nazareth didn’t even have a sign at the entrance that says, ‘Welcome to Nazareth.’ Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

And so they ask, can anything good come out of that small business? Can anything good come out of that unpopular career path? Can anything good come out of that miserable job? Can anything good come out of that wretched man? Can anything good come out of that melancholy relationship?Can anything good come out of that gloomy pitiable marriage? Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Yes!!! A resounding Yes!!!

He’s the carpenter’s son. He is Mary’s boy. And He is Jesus of Nazareth!

Because God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. He sets the lonely in families, He leads out the prisoners with singing. His understanding is unsearchable. His wisdom is beyond measure. It is He who arms you with strength and makes your way perfect. He makes your feet like that of the deer and enables you to climb on the heights. He turns deserts into pools of water and parched ground into flowing springs.

And when He is for you, no man, no woman, no circumstance, no recession, can be against you!

They may know where you are from, but they have no clue what’s written about you!


Good morning. Have a fabulous week.


John 7:27


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