I’m not selfish


When I won’t settle for less than I deserve
I’m not selfish.

When I choose happiness rather than nothingness
I’m not selfish

When I embrace the joy of exploring new horizons
I’m not selfish.

When my peace of mind is what’s on my mind
I’m not selfish

It’s not selfish to be tired of trying
It’s not selfish to be tired of crying.

Moving on is not selfish
Wanting more is not selfish

It’s just that what I deserve overshadow how I feel
And that I am from the village is no reason to be average.

Tomorrow is big. Tomorrow is huge
And when tomorrow comes, I just want to be ready.

I’m not selfish.
I’m just simply awesome.

Photocredit: Google images

Written by juwonodutayo

Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Blogger. Roger Federer Fan.

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