His wife is pregnant for another man.

When the table turns



“This is a deep issue o, maybe he was focused on his career and was always going out, maybe the man outside is the innocent looking one, does not have swag, easy going and natural. Maybe he needs to hit the gym fast, cook for her and take care of the kids etc…whatever he decides, he should just accept the chuld, the other man will always be an outsider, it was a mistake, after all it is him she married, he is the legal husband. He should fight for his marriage, forgive her, dem no dey thruway wife o, where will he start from? Wife scarce for market. #thingstoldtome  Toke makinwa


“Women will be women. He should just pray for her and submit. Most men don’t know how to respect and please their wives. You know women don’t like to be controlled.” Simplysimi


“Marriage is not for the weak, you know. There are bound to be challenges in marriage! Igi yi o da, oyo na… A riiru eleyi ri a fi ndery b’oloro ni. Women will always be women! A t’omo ale, a t’omo oko all of them are children….they are gifts from God ife ma n f’arada gbogbo nkan ni o! Ko ya sebi okunrin ko f’ayawo e mora. Ko soun tuntun l’abe orun o!” Ibukunwrites


“he needs to stop running to his single ‘slaypapas’ for advice and take it to the Lord in prayers. He should never leave his wife for another man. Never, its not done, besides cheating is in a woman’s dns.” Ama_ova


“Sorry dear. Women will always cheat. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you.” olasparkles


“Im sure you don’t want another man to destroy your marriage, huh? Wake her up in the morning with well pounded fufu wearing only sexy boxers. And don’t forget to watch war room.” Olasparkles

“maybe he should be more passive and not nag so much. He should be patient and pray…” veezeebaybeh


“It is the husband that keeps the home o. he should just accept that’s how women are wired and not kill himself so that another man will ot come and enjoy what he has labored for.” Tutupie


“Cheating is in a woman’s dna! Pray for her. This is the time to love her more. Don’t allow the other guy break your home.” Juneolaniyi


“You should fight for your marriage no matter what, pray and fast, it’s the devil at work, forgive her, maybe you put on too much weight after the marriage, maybe you didn’t give her enough attention, maybe you weren’t attractive or sexy anymore. Just accept the child, after all you are the one at home…”


“he should never conside divorce o, the Bible is against that.”


“Please fight for your marriage, if you leave her, how sure are you that the next one wont be worse?”

“Hmmmn….theres no better woman out there o. Is it not just a child? He should forgive her and accept the child biko. This is the time to hide himself in God, pray fervently, fast and seek ways to make his marriage work. Again he should find out what the other man is doing that he isn’t doing for his wife. Women love attention, gifts, money massages, shopping and traveling the world. This is the ime to make sure his wife is happy. Leaving isn’t an option, God hates divorce…he should stand firm in faith and pray against all strange men trying to scatter his home… a wise man builds his home.”


“Is he the first guy to be cheated on? Whats the big deal? He should get over it. Thers nothing that hasn’t happened before.”


“He should dress better…he should read, ‘why women love bastards’ He should be more giving and fight for his marriage.”

“maybe he was getting too fat and the sex was becoming boring. Anyway this is the time for him to pray and fast.”


“Women are scarce these days, where will he start from, ehn? This is not an issue at all, after all it’s just a child. Theres no pain God cannot heal. Take it to the Lord in prayers and dont forget to watch War Room.”


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