Happy birthday, son.


It’s twelve months already. Wow.



I wish I could credit myself for a lot of things about you. I can’t. And I admit I get jealous sometimes when people look at you and say it to my face that you look just like your mother. I know they are right, but do they really have to rub it in? It’s not like I am in some competition with your mum. I just thought or felt since your sister is a carbon copy of her; you being a boy would at least show some solidarity and represent the menfolk. But you didn’t, it’s all good. At least we share same passion about food and global hunger. That should suffice.

Thanks for the ever illuminating smile you give, you are extremely generous with it. I know you didn’t get this smile from me; you got it from your mother. The way your face lights up at the sight of family and friends amazes me – she is like that too. Even strangers are not denied of the joy you bring. These days I’m learning to smile better because of you. Thanks, son.


You are my champion. You are proof that grace dignified us. For these twelve months, God graced us with joy and laughter since your arrival. The enemy thought he could steal it but he failed. Everything was all part of the package. The ease your development takes continues to thrill us. Watching you grow has always been a delight. We didn’t even know when your teeth arrived. No signs of fever or weakness. You just started flaunting them and biting anyone that dared stay close. And your excitement and claps during morning devotions, who would want to miss it before we set out in the morning? Sometimes it was enough motivation even when we wanted to skip it. And three months ago you started running around like you were preparing for the Olympics. We can only thank God for the gift that you are.


Happy birthday, Afooreofesemilogo Olatosimi Odutayo. It has been a fantastic twelve months.
We are grateful God gave you to us. We are hopeful we will not disappoint Him.




Love you, Champion.

Daddy & Mummy.

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