Couple Crush Wednesday: Ubong and Isang Awah – Two hearts that beat as one.

They met at a prayer meeting.

How to make more money was top on her priority. Finding a good woman to marry was top on his. And they both brought their requests to God in prayers. Different goals. Different agenda. But they showed up in church. And in His presence is plenty money and plenty fine women. Hallelujah!! For those that have searched elsewhere for these two major needs, learn a lesson or two. But, I digressed.

There was no dilly-dallying, the moment he saw her, he sauntered towards her and nailed his colours to the mast. He asked her for a date, right there and then. Yes, at the first meeting and yes, at church prayer meeting too! He knew what he wanted and there was no stalling.

Their first date was at a buka.

Interesting story.

He took her to a buka, not a fanciful restaurant. He placed order for food but she only wanted a drink, very ladylike. Uncle relaxed and treated himself to a sumptuous meal. When the bill was brought, without any sense of shame or embarrassment, he asked the waiter to pen his name down on the debtors’ list because he didn’t have any money on him to make payment. You would not believe it! He took her on a date with no money on him! The nerve! And he didn’t flinch nor cringe. His confidence and swag was brimming all over. He said it like it was no big deal.
She was shocked! More shocking was the bravado and poise he exuded. Her soul was searching for deep, rich, authentic, stimulating and spiritual conversations. And that she found it in him. His pocket might be empty now, as long as he’s got a good head upstairs, it was only a matter of time. Let them put his name on their debtors’ list, it didn’t matter.

That nerve, that bravery, that audacity enchanted my sister and she never recovered from it. She was charmed.
That moneyless first date has given birth to innumerable other dates in the last 21years. It has produced four beautiful and amazing children. That first date at that buka has grown two mouth-watering careers. It has birthed dreams and seen them come to reality. That first date was at a buka but today they wine and dine all over the world.

Meet my Couple Crush – Ubong and Isang Awah! U and I, for short. Couplecrush Couple Crush

U&I 5

Ubong is a legal/financial services practitioner with over 20 years’ hands-on experience spanning the public and private sectors. He holds an M.SC degree of the London School of Economics in Law & Accounting and is an alumnae of the University of Oxford Said Business School and the Kennedy School of Government of the Harvard University.

He is the Senior Financial Sector Specialist at International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group.

U&I 6

Isang, a bio-chemist from University of Uyo holds a Masters in Liberal Arts, Literature & Creative Writing from Harvard University and presently a PhD student in University of Cambridge. She is a passionate writer and publisher. She is the President/CEO MyRainbowBooks Ltd. She scored a first by publishing Nigeria’s first personalised book.

She is also a producer. She produced her debut movie Bent Arrows, some few years back and has other productions coming up. Couple Crush
Ubong and Isang celebrating their 20years wedding anniversary







Call him her boyfriend, but that's her son.
Call him her boyfriend, but that’s her son.
No, she is not his wife. That's his daughter.
No, she is not his wife. That’s his daughter. Couple Crush

I celebrate the love you both share. 21 years is a journey and yours is a beautiful one. I love the story you are telling together.


proud mother. Sandwiched between Grace and Mercy.
proud mother. Sandwiched between Grace and Mercy.
Providence blessed us with #fatherslikethat
Heavens blessed us with #fatherslikethat


I don’t need you winning any medal,
or going on a prime time show
I only ask that you stay you, and then
You’ll forever be my hero!’
– Isang Ubong Awah


I love the love you share.


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