We could be so forgetful. When things go jolly-jolly, especially, it is so easy to forget. We forget to pray. We forget Who is in charge. We forget His many benefits. We forget how He brought us this far. We forget. So, sometimes, once in a while, He slows us down and tries to get our attention. A burning bush for Moses. A lost child for David. He could use lack. He could use the loss of a friend or loved one. He could allow a betrayal come our way. He could permit disappointment. He waves a caution flag and reminds you {since you forgot} Who is in charge. It is to remind us we’ve lost touch with base. It is to nudge us that we’ve left the things we did when we first began.

So when the sickness hits us, when we lose a loved one, or when we lose the job we held so dear, we remember how frail we are. It dawns on us that we are nothing without him.  We are brought back from our roller coaster ride and we cry, “Help me, Lord.”

He got our attention.

And what do we do with it? We start making promises.

“Lord, if You heal me I will serve You for the rest of my life.” “If You take this situation away, I will not trade Your presence for the next deal.” “If You bless me I will never go back again” We plead. We beg. We cry. We do anything, anything at all to ameliorate our deplorable state. Our need of Him bubbles to the surface and our weak strength sinks in the ocean of desperation. We make promises.

And He answers. He always does. Wasn’t His intention to get our attention? He looks at us with love and compassion and helps us. He hears our cry and attends to our need of Him. He knows we are dust. He knows we are fragile. So, like He raised Peter up as he began to sink in the water, He comes and lifts us up. He brings us to Himself. He wipes the tears and cleans up our nose. In the warmth of His embrace, we remember no place is better. He only hopes we do not forget {again}. He only desires we do not leave.


But, must things go awry before we learn to say sorry?

Must we suffer before we realize the love He offers?

Must things go bad before we call Dad?

Why wait till our cup is empty before we ask to be filled?


Regardless, He says, “Come.”

Though your sins are as scarlet, “Come.”

You labour and are heavy laden? “Come.”

You kicked over the traces? Those who are well have no need of a physician. “Come.”

You are tired in body and soul? “Come.”

You are hungry and destitute? “I am the bread of life. Come.”



And when you come, He says, “Come boldly.”

Come shamelessly

Come confidently.

Come audaciously.

Come like you did nothing wrong.

Come like you did everything right.

Come to the throne of grace.

Come obtain mercy.

Come find grace.

Come get help.


Yes, you, Come.

Come like that.

Just come.


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