5 Things Your Husband Wishes You’d Do More Often

You see, you’ve done these things before and if you remember you got encomiums when you did them. But then you stopped. So, here’s to remind you of them again and to let you know even though he pretends that he didn’t notice you stopped he actually wishes you’d do them more often.

  1. Commend his efforts. Don’t ignore them. Don’t treat them as if they are nothing. Verbalize those compliments. Let him know he is doing a great job. I know you want him to do more but taking the ones he is presently doing for granted is never going to achieve that. So say it often and mean it, appreciate his efforts.


  1. Life isn’t that serious. Let loose and just be a fun girl. We know Collins, his school mate, is about finishing his 4th house, we know Jack, his colleague at the office, just took his wife to Paris, but can you flush those parity thoughts out of your mind and make your little condo a fun place to be? Just play and make merry in the auspicious moments of your life.

Negativity is unattractive. Stay positive and create an atmosphere that would help grow you.

  1. Allow him some me-time. I know your mind may fight that but he needs it. A me-time is good for you too. So when he is in that space, leave him be. Allow him process. Allow him regurgitate. Allow him breathe. You would find out that your conversation, after such a period of reflection, would be more engaging and exciting.


  1. Bring out your silly side often. It’s such a huge relief to watch you act like a little girl, dance like no one is watching and play with careless abandon. Your serious side can be too draining sometimes.. You are always about many To-Dos! And your list is never ending! Take a chill pill and just play, enjoy a joke, drink some chilled juice and f’ara buruku bale! (Sorry, I have no interpretation for that)


  1. Initiate sex. Period.


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