Private Party For Two

Have your own private party with all the stars present.

This party is just for two. This dance is only meant for two.


It’s the cool of the evening.

All activities are beginning to wind down.

Party venue is your living room. And you are the DJ.

Get two glasses. Drinks are on you.

Set them on the table.



Pick up your phone. Go to Youtube.

‘Romantic’ is the song title. Search for it.

Korede Bello feat. Tiwa Savage is a good start.

Cos she’s your woman-womanly

And she’s so woma-womansweet’

Bluetooth the song with a speaker. Pause.


Then go find her.

Hold her and lead her to the party floor.

If she complains, be firm. Don’t let her talk you out of it.

Encourage her to relax. Keep appealing and persuading.

‘Just this moment.’ ‘Just the two of us.’


Whatever she’s cooking in the kitchen can wait.

Whatever tasks she’s got left for the evening is suspended.

The children are all locked up in their rooms. Check.

The TV is off. The doors are shut. Check.

‘Just you and I, baby.’ Nothing else matter right now.


Now click Play. And put the phone where your eyes can see it.

Let go her hands. Give her room. And lead the dance.

Move your body. Do not take your eyes off her.

Like microwave, she will take her time to warm up. It’s okay.

Just lead on. Even if she hesitates at first, keep dancing.

Just rock, right to left, left to right.


Follow with BankyW’s ‘I was made for you.’

‘Just like the stars were made to light the sky

And the pretty birds were made to fly.

Like the sun was made to shine, and the moon was made for night.’

Sing along, ‘Baby, I was made for you.’

Keep the beat moving…to the right, to the left.

I bet you, she’s getting into the groove now.


If you have a playlist like mine ‘All I want is you’ is next.

Another beautiful dance song from BankyW

Did you notice all the nuts on her are loosening now? I told you.

I hope your AC is on. It helps manage the unwanted sweat.

The tempo is high now and the rhythm is great.


Find Patoranking’s ‘My Woman, My Everything’

Sing along. Move close and tickle her a little.

‘My woman oh… I go fit give you anything’

Plant a forehead kiss and go back to dancing again

Play. Laugh. Tickle. Dance. Be in the moment. Have fun.


Throw Kiss Daniels’ ‘Woju o’ into the mix. Fantastic song.

Time to show off some dance skills. Don’t be shy.

Cos ‘Baby sweet..Baby nice…Baby tudidudidu…odikwa tight…’

Yes, she would laugh. It’s allowed. It’s part of the plan.

Do more new dance moves. Do Shoki. Do Etigi. Do your own.

Trust me, she’s having a swell time.


We are still on Kiss Daniel. Throw in ‘Laye eh.’

Admit you are truly crazy (about her) but ‘this is all I have for you.’

Say, ‘don’t you worry girl they can’t take me away….’

‘Laye eh..Laye eh..Baby mi ko jo.’

Sing it. Tell her. Show her.

You definitely got her blushing now.



From that energetic dance song, flow into Timi Dakolo’s ‘Iyawo Mi’

Slow it down now. Move a little closer and sing along.

‘Iyawo mi, Ololufe mi, Ore mi Alayo mi, I will love you forever.’

Move closer still. Your hand by her waist. Your eyes on hers.

‘Every second spent with you is like a day that starts brand new.’ Tell her.

‘Girl I want to build my whole world around you.’ Tell her.

‘Girl you are my Sunshine, Baby don’t you go away.’ Tell her.



Come home with ‘The Vow’ by Timi Dakolo.

It’s called The Vow for a reason. Not much dance.

Put your arms around her in a warm embrace and just speak.

‘I promise to be true. To give my all to you

No matter what they say, this heart belongs to you

I thank the Lord above for giving you to me

Forever is just a start, forever is you and me.’


And when the song ends, just hold her.

Yes. Right there. Just hold her. And stay there.

And wait for it…it will be sandwiched in between breaths

It may not be audible enough, but be calm and wait.

It will come in a whisper, it will come in a still small voice.


‘Thank you.’ She would say, quietly and tenderly.

And in that moment, your doubts would take flight.

And your fears would be afraid.

Your pain would heal fast like wolverine.

And your joy will be restored.



If you are still holding her

I take responsibility for whatever happens after.


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Written by juwonodutayo

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  1. This Naija playlist is definitely romantic.
    Btw, “….I take responsibility for whatever happens after”…..including baby formula, diapers and school bills 😱. Bros, expect an “August baby” @ your doorstep. Lol

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