Gbenga and Ogooluwakitan


Congratulations to Gbenga and Ogooluwakitan.


Ready. Set. Go.


Are you ready?


Never been on this journey before. Never walked this road before. But when God is your confidence and Christ your rock, you can do the impossible. Let’s do this!!!


Oya ko mo’le


Joy unspeakable.
We open a new page together. ‘Together’ is the key word.


Too much sauce.


Ogo and her signature laughter.


Come, let me tell you something.


It’s about time. A little self-love won’t spoil anything.


Let’s go to church


Support system. She got my back literally.


Feeling blessed


The joining.


Blessed parents
When your father performs Nel Oliver’s ‘Baby Girl’ tears would fall naturally.


What is a wedding without supportive friends?


Gbenga read his personal vows and Ogo was unable to hold it together.


Our Dance. Our Moment. Let’s breathe in each other. Like no one is here.


Who is next?


This probably was the 1678th picture taken that day. My aburo was tired but still smiling. Brides try sha!


Contact me for their details.


Now that the guests are gone…and it’s just the two of us…


Congrats guys.

May God bless your union and your home.





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