Dear Fine Brother Jogging Every Morning…

Dear fine brother jogging every morning

….I’ve been minding my business
driving to work every morning in peace
perfect peace I should add
then you decided to carry your fine self
and put it all up in my face
so yes, you have come to my notice
and I have noticed you
indeed I have
so,let me introduce myself
i am the girl in the little white car
that you jog past every morning
you must be dumb not to have noticed it
cos it should have come to your notice
inside that car, I am still single
from my position, I cannot tell if you are single
you jog past so quickly and
i cannot see your ringed or un-ringed finger
i will like to stop and chat
but it will come up in my appraisal at work
so on a serious note
why have you decided to be jogging at this hour
is it possible for you to jog earlier
so I can also dust my sneakers
and resume the jogging I retired from
like 3 years ago
or can you do weekends around midday
cos I really love my Saturday mornings in bed
oh dear, the sun will be too high then
and I may faint
and you may need to administer mouth to mouth
and I really don’t want you stressed like that
but for you to be jogging when earthlings
like my beautiful single self are driving to work
makes me wonder if you have a job
or maybe you are self-employed
or you have an estate where you just receive
alerts at the beginning of every year
i suppose I can live with that
i’m definitely not asking you to change
just asking to ensure my future is changed
positively, of course
i’m considering taking a week off work
to adjust my schedule to fit yours
if only to confirm the ringed or un-ringed finger
i’ll get back to you shortly
you will not know this
but you have inspired my mornings
for you are a fine sight to behold
keep jogging
dear fine Brother!


© Na’anchin Muhammad




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