Couple Crush Wednesday: Roger and Mirka Federer – Love40!

How many sportsmen are able to keep it together family-wise. How many of them also enjoy the immense support of their wives (wives, not partners).


Slovak-born Swiss Mirka Federer is a cut above the rest. Born Miroslava Vavrincová on 1 April 1978, later Miroslava Vavrinec and later Mirka Federer. Mirka was a former professional tennis player, an Olympian who has also participated in all four Grand Slams.


Roger and Mirka met for the first time at the 2000 Summer Olympics and they have been stuck on each other since then. Due to a persistent foot injury she retired from professional tennis in 2002 and oh well…Federer holds the racket for the two of them now.
































Roger and Mirka were married on 11 April 2009 at Wenkenhof Villa in Riehen near Base.

Roger once said of Mirka: “My wife does a lot of work, as much as she can. And I try to help as much as I can.

“We have the grandparents as well and all my team members, they sometimes just tag along.

“Clearly we also need some help on the road, so Mirka can have an opportunity sometimes to sleep in a little bit, or come to watch one of my matches.

“You need to be well organised, but by now we know how it works.”

With two straight sets of twins, you can only imagine how that works.

Mirka turns 40 next year. Get ready for the party!





What has not been written already about the Swiss professional tennis player?

Born at the Basel Cantonal Hospital in Basel, Switzerland.

Husband of Mirka. Father of four. Turns 36 in August. 19 Grand Slam tiles (most in history of male tennis player)

Only male player to be No. 1 for more than 300 weeks

I cannot possibly be tired of writing about Roger. He is the GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time. Period.


Enjoy the pictures, abeg.


The twin girls













Australian Open 2017, 18th Grand Slam


Wimbledon 2017, 19th Grand Slam


One of my faves of them




If all you see are the relationships/marriages that are troubled and aren’t working, then chances are that’s where you are headed. What you keep beholding, you keep becoming.

A round of applause to Roger and Mirka Federer, may your laughter never end and may your joy always be full.



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