Couple Crush Wednesday: Olugbenga and Temilade Ojedokun – Friendship caught on fire.

We were fledgling teenagers when we joined the Choral group in our local church. But Gbenga came with only one thing on his mind – the drum sticks. He didn’t look religious, he didn’t sound religious, he just knew what he wanted – to drum.


We got admission into the same University the same year. He joined the school fellowship choir and gunned for only thing – the drum sticks. He was not in two minds about what he wanted or what he was about.

The same focus and single-mindedness played a key role when he found Temilade. He pitched his tent right there and got lost in her love. All those who tried to find him basically wasted their time. The dude was swooned and there was no remedy. Friendship was caught on fire and nothing else mattered.



Even when he hung out with the boys, he kept her in close proximity.

Not many of us can boast of college love stories that matured into marriage. With all our prayer vigils and religiousities we just couldn’t keep a sister loving. And not many of us could weather the uncertain whippersnapper of young early love. But these two were not fazed. These two proved doubters wrong and it’s endearing what their love story has blossomed into over the years. Consistency and commitment that has spanned a decade. Dedication and Devotion that has conquered countless storms of life.


I crush on Gbenga and Temilade today. Actually I’ve been crushing on these two for years, I’m only confessing today… know.








Love you guys to the moon and back. I salute your friendship and I venerate your loyalty to each other.


I love the love you share.


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