Come Back Soon, Roger!

When will you be back, Roger?

The court isn’t the same without you.

The matches are boring; baseline tussles, no chip and charge

Not disparaging any player but the boys are reluctant to come to the net.


We miss the unusual calm you display under pressure

We miss your rare creativity and mental adaptability

We miss your cat-and-mouse game with opponents

We miss your gait and we miss your smile


Your brilliance is what inspires us

Your longevity is what endears us

Your finesse and artistry tickle us

And that beautiful family you hold together, oh boy!


Come back and allow us feel the joy in winning

And also touch the depths of sorrow when you lose.

Bring back SABR. Bring back Serve-and-Volley.

Bring back Mirka. Let the twins beautify the courts again.


Come back maestro.

Come back to the dance floor

Come and light up the party hall again.

Come with all your retinue of ballet, tango, salsa. Rumba and cha cha.

Please come back soon, Roger.

Written by juwonodutayo

Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Blogger. Roger Federer Fan.

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