I am not lips to be kissed.

I am not lips to be kissed

on a dark moonlit night in a deep hidden alley.


I am not breasts to be fondled

on a cold harmattan morning in a cozy getaway motel.


I am not laps to be massaged

on a hot sweaty evening in a Jaguar, Toyota or Keke.


I am not cheeks to be pinched

in a careless sultry Friday in a club or a jazz dance floor


I am not a number to recall

on a lonely Sunday noon in a reclining purple chair.


I  A M  W O M A N.

Friend. Helper. Lover.

Whole. Empty. Needy.

Praying. Giving. Building.

Past. Present. Future.


You will not take the whole of me.

Do not dare steal a piece of me!





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