You used to.

You used to enjoy hanging out with me.

But now you are too busy to monkey around with me.


You used to make a dash at your phone when I called.

But now when I ring you, it’s an interruption to your already beautiful day.


You used to find my opinions intelligent and wise.

But now you reckon all my views to the cold.


You used to be so eager to detail all that happened to you during the day.

But now, you’ve found talking with me boring and social media exciting.


You used to feature me in eight out of ten of all your conversations.

But now, I sit here fighting not to be relegated like Sunderland.


You used to love and laud my sense of humour.

“Everything is a joke to you, right?” is the new jab now when I play with you.


You used to share your dreams, goals and aspirations with me.

But now, you only speak in monosyllables when I talk about the future.


You used to get worried when I was quiet or moody.

But now, my silence has become a license to treat me with neglect.


You used to call me 12 midnight on my birthday.

But now, you don’t even remember what date it is anymore.


You used to easily let go when I offend you and apologize.

But now, I could say Sorry till next millennium and you wouldn’t be satisfied.



You used to send me beautiful, affectionate text messages.

But now I am no longer deserving.


You used to make noise about me. You used to dote on me.

You used to play with me, laugh with me and share jokes with me.

You used to beam when I showed up. You used to smile when you heard my voice.

Now I have become a lonely bird on the housetop.

I have become another statistic on your conquest list.


Something has happened to us.

We used to be better than this.

Written by juwonodutayo

Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Blogger. Roger Federer Fan.

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