You can detect infidelity in a person’s voice, study finds.

The Washington Post


Apparently, all we needed to determine that Jay-Z had indeed cheated on Beyoncé was a sample of the rapper counting from 1 to 10.

According to a recent study published in Evolutionary Psychology — “Your Cheatin’ Voice Will Tell on You: Detection of Past Infidelity From Voice” — undergraduate students could accurately assess whether someone had cheated on their committed romantic partner just by listening to a recording of their voice. The study notes a person’s voice can communicate a lot of information about them irrespective of the content: A person’s sex, race, social status, personality traits — even their height and weight and whether their body or face is symmetrical — can all be deduced by voice alone. “Voices relay important information pertaining to mating success and sexual behavior,” the study says.

There you go!

Start listening better.

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