You can date again!

It doesn’t matter how sour your past is and how dreary your love journey has been. Truly it doesn’t matter. The casts in your past do not determine the vast armada of prospective good men and women out there. You can breathe again. And you can date again.

Don’t settle for the lie you’ve been told through the years that all men are dogs and all men are the same. Don’t give in to fables that good women no longer exist. If you check, the only people who sing such songs are sad and bitter, those who have settled for less and are pushing others to join them in the vault they have thrown themselves in. You are better than that!

Your man is out there. Your woman is waiting. The only costume you wear that will draw them to you like moth is your disposition and your belief. Dust your bum, clean up and wear that beautiful smile of yours again. If at all someone found you before, let that be a convincing indication that you will find and would be found again.

Be about what you are about. Run on the lane designed for you. And while you are busy studying, while you are busy working, while you are busy traveling, while you’re busy hobnobbing, while you’re busy grinding, while you’re busy having fun, they will come in all their glory and sweep you off your feet. And you will sing a new song.

Stay positive. Stay believing.

Written by juwonodutayo

Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Blogger. Roger Federer Fan.

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