We All Are Beautiful Flowers.

Flowers – a personification of both loveliness and function. Air cleaners. Amazing radiation absorbers. Alternative health remedy. Covering multitude of mistakes in landscaping. Full of freshness. Full of fragrance. Daffodils. Gerberas. Orchids. Lilies. Tulips. Sunflowers. Wax flowers. Pear Blossom. Kangaroo Paw. Curly Willow. Birds of Paradise. Baby’s Breath. Delphinium. Flowers. Beautiful. Colourful. Elegant. Radiant. Beautiful flowers – a personification of loveliness and beauty.

A beautiful flower is indication of time and attention. A beautiful flower is evidence of love and devotion. Flowers bloom with care and nourishment. Flowers blossom with sunshine and rays. They thrive when care is constant. They bud when devotion is unceasing.

But when the supply of water begins to drop and the regular dose of sunshine begins to wane, flowers starts to wilt. When they are detached from their flow of nutrients and are cut off from essentialities, flowers starts to dry up. The scent fades. The petals curl up. They shrink and change color. The leaves turn yellow. The stem becomes brittle.

And when flower dies beauty dies, loveliness perishes. And life could lose its flavor.

If you have ever admired a beautiful flower in another’s garden, if you have ever desired a beautiful flower in another’s orchard, if you have ever enjoyed the comeliness of brightly colored petals, know that the water bill may be higher, be assured the attention may be incomparable and the nurturing is never in doubt. For flowers need attention. Flowers need nurturing.

Beauty is not happenstance. Radiance is not coincidence. Care is deliberate. Commitment is tasking. Care in the right amount, devotion in good portions, love never unfailing, attention steady and real, and flowers will glow in their radiant colours. They will sprout rich and strong. Eye-catching. Nice-looking. Striking. And noticeable.

We all are flowers. Beauty is resident in us.

We all are beautiful flowers.




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