Update Notifications: Stop Clicking Ignore

Stop ignoring your spouse

Here is a follow-up on Fantastic Friends

We get updates on a regular basis. They are reactions, notifications, feedback or signals on how we are doing in our relationships. They are sometimes verbal and non-verbal, pleasing or non-pleasing, but they sure come every now and then.

When they come, we have a choice. To click Ignore, Remind Me Later or Update.


When she tells you she is not comfortable with your circle of friends.

You clicked Ignore.

When he draws your attention to the number of aso ebis you buy every month.

You clicked Ignore.


When she asks what plans you have for the future. You ignored.

When he suggests you enroll for further studies. You ignored.

When she complains you don’t stay at home. You ignored.

When he stresses you keep repeating the same error. You ignored.


When she alerts you about the upcoming school event. You ignored.

When he repeatedly expresses how you disrespect him. You ignored.

When she’s been singing it all week that you both need to talk. You ignored.

When he disapproves your college friend from staying the weekend. You ignored.


When she’s been in a mood all day. You ignored.

When he appeals that you improve on the meals. You ignored.

When her phone calls keep landing in voicemail. You ignored.

When he asks ‘what’s wrong?’ You ignored


The issues didn’t start today!

You have been clicking Ignore for a long time!

The app is hanging. The app is failing.

She is tired. He is exhausted.



Next time you see the promptings, click Update.

Next time you get the notifications, click Update.

Pay attention. Address the issue. Talk.

Update your marriage app.

And stop Ignoring your spouse.




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