The Stage Play: Bending and Bonding

The Stage Play “Bending & Bonding” a production of Debs Media, was hilarious and educative.

It was remarkable to see how comedy can be woven into a play that was full of many lessons.

A jobless husband and an upward mobile wife painted a picture of the challenges many married couples go through and their attempts at living daily life with many bills to pay.

It also mirrored the role of third parties in many marriages today and the innate selfishness in those who professes to be helping you.

‘Bending and Bonding’ was a good story all in all. Though some scenes dragged for too long and there were a few skirmishes in the performance, the play drove home some home truths that cannot be gainsaid.






The director, Chukwuemeka Okereafor did a good job. We look forward to many other works from him.

Written by juwonodutayo

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