The Biggest Loser Season 001. $1000 Up For Grabs!!!

It’s The Biggest Loser Season 001.

How much weight can you lose in one month? Who is willing to shed the biggest kilos in one month? It’s a weight loss competition.

8 Contestants! $1000 Prize Money!

This month of May, the contestants are all geared up for one of the biggest challenge ever! And each of the contestants believe the money is theirs to win.

Meet the contestants:

Mrs Ada Ebiokobo. Civil Servant.
“The price money is a great motivation, I’m about to beat them all.


Antoniette. Civil Servant. Lawyer.
“I love the challenge. I’m about to lose 20kg. Even if I don’t win the money, I still won all the same. It’s time to prove gainsayers wrong.”


Nnamdi Diribe. Architect.
“All I need to do is take care of the umpire, the rest will take care of itself.”


Edozie Diribe. Logistics Expert.
“I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity. Let’s go there!”


Balum Diribe. Lawyer.
“It doesn’t look like I stand a chance, I love the excitement of the competition though, so the experience will be worth the while.”


Bube. Businessman.
“Between my wife and I someone will win. We thank the other contestants for their support.”


Chino (Bube’s wife). Consultant
“I’m smiling straight to the bank, that’s for sure.”


John Abwa. Architect.
Ï’ve actually spent the money. I only came to collect it. I consider these contestants generous benefactors.”



Nahhhh! Forget it! I am not in the competition. I am the Umpire.


Let the game begin!

31 Days of denying oneself of lots of delicacies. 31 Days of staying consistent at the gym. It’s a dogged commitment and it sure will be exciting. As far as I’m concerned all the contestants are winners already.

This month of May, may the best man win!

Good luck guys.

It seems John isn’t joking.


Watch out for The Biggest Loser Season 002. Registration already in progress.

Call +234 806 837 1181 for details.






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