Take Me Back.


Act 1 Scene 1

“Use your seat belt, please.”

We had just withdrawn some cash from the ATM and was about to drive off. She pulled the belt but it was too strong for her. I leaned over and helped.

“Thank you, daddy.”

“You’re welcome.”

We approached the traffic light and it was on Red. The hawkers used the opportunity and brought their wares to us. Her favorite wafers was on display. “Daddy, please can I have some?”

“No problem.” Oh well, I happened to like the biscuit too. I wound down and picked five. Two for me and three for her. She received her three. And I kept my two inside the door pocket.

“I will give Sam one and his sister another.” She separated the two and held the only one left. And suddenly I felt guilty. I wasn’t thinking of anyone else while I bought the biscuits. And I truly didn’t see the need to buy for any other persons save us. No one else was on my mind, honestly.

Well, since you were on a charitable venture, “So which one would you give your brother?” Emphasis on your brother.

She thought for a few seconds. It was obvious she felt he was too small to chew. She looked at the only biscuit left in her hand, turned it sideways, “I will share mine with him.”

She stabbed me harder.

For how long would I keep my two closer?

And how would I be able to eat them while she shared the only one she had?


Act 1 Scene 2

Four days after.

Where I sat, waiting for the children to finish their Sunday School class, I saw the three of them. He would be 15 or 16. The two girls looked like they were the same age. They were a few meters away from me, they didn’t notice my eyes feasted on them. They chatted away without any care in the world. He donned a black pair of jeans and a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. The two girls, apparently not siblings, were in simple gowns that only further enhanced their beauty.

They stood and just talked while they drank their bottles of soda.

Just talk. Chitchat. Once in a while they giggled, other times they laughed and sauntered round the railings. The essence of their innocence was surreal. The sincerity of their laughter was dreamlike. The young puppy love was admirable. And for the forty-four minutes I waited, they were such a beauty to behold.


I want to go back!

I just want to go back.


Go back to the generosity of a 4-year old and the playfulness of a young teenager.

Go back to when willingness to share was predominant and selflessness was sheer joy.

Go back to when it didn’t matter who had what and all that mattered was we had us.

Go back to when offences were few and far between and expenses were thin on the ground.


Go back to when life’s handle was not slippery

Go back to when everyone and anyone was believable.

Go back to when everything and anything was thought possible.

Go back to when goodwill opened more doors than fasting and prayers.


Take me back to when I was seventeen and you were my velveteen

Take me back to the days when all I wanted was just to talk to you.

Take me back to the days when all you desired was just to be with me.

Take me back to the days when our conversations were real and our love was true.


Take me back to the days it was pretty easy to trust.

Take me back to the days it was inconceivable to cheat.

Take me back to the days our conscience made us do right.

Take me back to the days we outdid each other in liberality.


Take me back to the days we laughed at silly things and teased about creepy stuff.

Take me back to the days our jokes were not vulgar and our dance was not twerking.

Take me back to the days when social media was no pressure and make-up was no treasure.

Take me back to the days when our love was on fire and you were its only desire.


Take me back to the days holding hands was sufficient for us to prove our love.

Take me back to the days when my good gestures were not intended to get you to bed.

Take me back to the days we didn’t pretend to be what we didn’t intend to be.

Take me back to the days it was normal to treat you right and you needed no inducements to say Sorry.


Take me back to the days of no complexities, no absurdities, no weights and no tact.

Take me back to the days we had beautiful conversations, chitchat, clean humour and laughter.

Take me back to the days of no ridiculous accent, just priceless moments and mutual respect.

Take me back to the days we said Please before requests and Thank You for favours given.


I want to go back!

I want those days back.

I want my sanity restored.

I want stability returned.

Take me back.




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