Shout Out to all Single Moms!

Shout out to all the single moms all over the world who are fighting hard to ensure their children get the best. I salute your courage and I am deeply touched by your tenacity. You toughen it out daily without the support of the dads. I mean, some of these fathers think it’s heroic to support their children. But every single mom out there, I dare say, you are the true heroines.

Being a mother is tasking and demanding enough, but you take it a notch higher and you act as the father to that child. You balance work schedule with school runs and juggle hospital appointments with pep talks. How do you do it? And you do this 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and year in year out. You are my super hero!

We are warped in our thinking when we look at you and that handsome boy or pretty girl and all we think about is how you got a child out of wedlock. Or how you couldn’t be bothered about using protection. It’s unfortunate how we judge you before even listening to your story. We apologize.

Thanks for not walking out on your baby. I know society does not frown at dads who walk away. The same society feel it’s your responsibility to stay. And I’m thinking, what if you walked just the way the father walked?

Thank you for staying. Thank you for choosing to hang in there when they walk out on you. Thank you for all the vigils you kept and all the poos you wiped. Thank you for every drop of sweat that dropped to put food on the table.

Thank you for being a mother, a teacher, house keeper, errand runner, nurse, a doctor, a cook, a hair stylist, potty trainer, lifeguard, electrician, plumber, carpenter, driver, playmate, finance manager, sleep scientist, speech specialist,  toy repair expert, cleaner, story teller, nanny, playdate coordinator, swimming coach, engineer and daddy too.

What would we do without you? And to think that you do all these with no days off and no holidays. To think that you sometimes still carry on with all these roles while you are treating fever or flu. We cannot thank you enough. Nothing else could be more heroic.



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