Running Before Or Running After?

I was in a meeting last night and the discussion bordered on the high rate of immorality today and how no one is insusceptible to falling prey. The anchor charged us to be vigilant and be sensitive to various inducements or enticements that waylay and ambush us every single day. He kept stressing no one is exempted, no one is immune. He who thinks he stands must take heed lest he fall (and that’s even for those of us believers.) The invitations are subtle, the lures are indirect but the target is not mistaken. You are the target! So run!

Run from the appearance of it. Don’t entertain it. Don’t indulge it. Run! Bolt! Flee!

This run is before, not after.

It’s a run to seek help before it happens, not a run to escape because you are caught. It’s a run for cover when the bait is sighted not a run for shelter because you are unable to deal. There comes a time when your habit of singing sorry after the act will no longer wash, a time when words will not be sufficient after the shit has hit the fan. So run NOW!

Run from every appearance of evil, either in skimpy dresses or tight pants.

Run from excuses either in form of blaming others or shirking responsibility.

Run from situations and locations that make you compromise your values.

Run from associations and gatherings that kill your resolve and commitments.


Run, friend. Run before, not after.

Run NOW!



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