Question of the Week: What do I do with a guy who is afraid of commitment?

What do I do with a guy who is afraid of commitment?

He is a workaholic and he is afraid of commitments. We both like each other bt he keeps telling me that he is not ready. He pushes me away totally when there is work saying I’m not interested and I need space but later comes back to me with sorry. What do I do? I’m head over heels in love with him.



Make yourself scarce.

It won’t be easy considering you are head over heels in love with him. But for how long would you keep waiting and waiting and wishing and hoping and waiting and expecting and praying for nothing?

If he is not ready, he should stop wasting your time. Liking each other isn’t sufficient. You want more, you deserve more and you have a right to have more. If he has been with you this length of time and is afraid, then he apparently doesn’t know your worth yet. Make yourself scarce. Miss his phone calls, Don’t reply his text messages. Spend good quality time hanging out with your friends, and be generous enough to post the pictures on bb, fb, or use them as dp. Get on with your life.

See, he needs to deal with his fear. That’s his responsibility. If you keep indulging him, you are the one who will pay dearly for it – time is valuable, you know. Indulging him simply means you are selling yourself short, you are telling yourself you don’t deserve better and you do not worth more. You and I know you are better than that.

Make him chase you. Make him miss you. Make him long for you. How do you do that? Be unavailable.

NOTE: In your bid to do this, reckon it might yield a positive result – he would commit, or a negative – he could go away. Either way, you win. Because at the end you should be with one who puts you above all else, who knows your worth, one who values you, one who adores you and one would do anything to be with you.

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