Happy National Siblings Day To These Amazing Foursome!

Blood is bae!

The good times. The down times. The memories. The growth. They only make us stronger and build the person and personalities we become. We fight. We quarrel. But we stay. And become stronger through it all. And overtime we mature, the bond we share unfolds in great measures creating a synergy that cannot be refuted. And when Oluwa is involved, it is even more beautiful and glorious.

The journey isn’t always rosy, it’s mostly eventful and momentous with truckloads of memories. And these memories, as the years go by, become the very essence that hold us together, uniquely creating a forte others may not be able to share with us. Blood is truly bae!

I celebrate the four of you. And I’m absolutely favoured to have been blessed with one of you.

Happy National Siblings Day guys!


From left to right: Oluwatomi, Oluwafunto, Toluwalogo, Oluwatobi


Toluwalogo, Oluwafunto, Oluwatobi and Oluwatomi




Three musketeers


Dr. Oluwatomi


Toluwalogo and Oluwafunto


Sister Sister!


Tobi and Tolu



Funty baby!


Aya mi


Dr. Oluwatobi

The foursome and their blessed parents


Forgive the little boy photobombing.

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