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Every child/student has a desire to succeed. Everyone has a dream of achieving results. So, we make efforts, we strive, we work towards achieving this desire and accomplishing this dream. We want to be able to hold our head up high, stand shoulder high among our contemporaries with poise and confidence. We yearn for their praise and approval.


However, this is a journey. A journey strewn with huddles, bumps and difficulties. A few of us walk this journey smoothly with confidence and self-esteem. But, some of us stumble. We get frustrated we are not becoming what we hope to be. So we hide our fears and just tag along. We dare not show we are tired of struggling. We dare not show we are losing confidence. We grit our teeth and hang on, silently praying and hoping help will come. Others of us fall out rightly. We give in and throw in the towel. We conclude we weren’t destined to succeed.

We become laid-back with our academics and we burrow into a hole that says ‘let me be.’


My Tutor and I is that help, that beacon of hope, that shot in the arm, that shakes the dust off your bum and help you find your feet again. We find you out from that hideaway, that hole you’ve thrown yourself in and clean you up and put some confidence back into your life. We are that help!

We know the classroom is demanding; it moves at a steady pace. We know it is hard to catch up when classmates are competing for the attention of the teacher. We know the teacher only carry these few along. We identify with you. We understand your pain. So we come to the comfort of your home, no uniforms, no whiteboards, no classmates, and we bring personal attention, care, motivation and inspiration. We fan back to flame that fire in you. We open your eyes to seeing what great potentials you got inside. We are that help!

We not only make you walk back into the class confidently, we put a spring on your feet as you go!

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