Monday Morning Musings: Aaron Spoke Better.


When Sarah laughed and called You a liar, You only provided her more answers.

When Mary was scared and asked You how, You gave her more clarifications.

When You saw that Leah was unloved, You opened her womb. And she had a baby.

When You saw Hagar was despised, You opened her eyes. And she saw a well of water.


When Adam ate the fruit, You drove him out.

When David got Bathsheba pregnant, You killed the baby.

When Zachariah questioned You, You made him dumb.

When Uzzah tried to save the ark, You struck him dead.


Esau was older. Jacob was blessed.

Aaron spoke better. Moses was leader.

Reuben was first born. Joseph was chosen.

Manasseh was a cool dude. Ephraim was picked.


Saul was a rebel, You made a Paul out of him.

Job couldn’t hurt a fly, You played poker with his life.

Peter talked a mile a minute, You gave him a second chance.

Rahab couldn’t keep her legs closed, she made Christ’s family tree.


You asked Noah to build an ark.

You told Hosea to marry a whore.

You made Isaiah preach naked.

You watched Job go bankrupt.


A raven fed Elijah.

A donkey scolded Balaam.

A fish swallowed Jonah.

And the lions couldn’t hurt Daniel.


Indescribable! Indisputable!

You are God all by Yourself.

You can’t be explained.

You can’t be contained.

You are God. All by Yourself.


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