Jimi and Simi

Congratulations to Jimi and Simi

Getting set. Olori Olujimi in the building!


Beautiful bride


This little bride’s been stealing the show since 1920!


When everyone is just loving on you.


Olori herself.


His Royal Majesty
Our culture will never grow old



Thankful parents. Grateful mum and dad.


Support system that is sure


Every young girl dreams about this day. And when it comes you raise your voice and belt new notes.


“Daddy, don’t try me o!”
Guess what he was about to do. Ready….. Go to the next picture.


Ah ha! “I can carry her. I can marry her.”


Simi took this job so seriously. And I am seriously impressed.
Awwwwww……aren’t they cool?



This is a toast to friendship. Salute to those friends that you always can count on.


Cool calm Simi. It’s about time. By the way, Mama made that wedding dress. Yes, she made it.


Who goes there?
Something sacred about this moment. He has used that hand to nurture his wife for thirty years. I would covet such laying on of hands. He transfers power. He transfers a blessing that would span generations. Thank you daddy. I respect this sacred moment.


Unveil your bride, Jimi



When the photographer picks you out of the crowd…maybe he is saying something.


It’s intentional!


Sign something, my friend!


Mothers’ Union’s things. Only Anglicans will understand.





May you never lack support when you need it. Amen.


When you look back, may you always find out you are not alone. Amen


Who digs it better?


Ermm…these gentlemen of the bride are not taken yet. Just in case you need to know.


A book can be written out of this mother and daughter hug. So much being said without one word being used.


Imagine a wedding without family. Unimaginable.


Jimi won this one.


“All this for me! Heaven is smiling down on me, I know.”


This first dance opens the door to many beautiful times together.


We look set. God is our advantage.


Congrats guys!

May God bless your union and your home.



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  1. Hmmmmm, this is awesome. Why was this just released at this time? What a story, beautiful, moved to tears…. ToluJuwon, you’re awesome guys, thanks for making this really memorable. Happy new year

  2. This is beautiful, I mean it flows like flowing. I admire the grace of God on you both. Thank you for this good job. You make us proud. May God continue to bless your home and your ministry. We love you. Oluwa a da gbogbo yin si fun ogo oruko Re

  3. This is really beautiful. It flows like, flowing. Thank God for your lives. More of His grace and may the Lord continue to bless your home and ministry in Jesus’ name. Oluwa a da gbogbo yin si o

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