Introducing Magical Maitama Babes! Photos.

Magical Maitama Babes! Sounds cool, right?


The support Michelle Obama is pouring on Hillary Clinton during this election campaign is enormous. Her speeches are killer-speeches. Her oratory skill has never been so put to use as it is now. Stronger Together is the blue print for America’s Future. And Michelle is giving Hillary tremendous support in achieving this dream.

Every woman deserves the support of another woman. It’s beautiful when women celebrate one another. It’s refreshing when they lift one another up. They get more done when they come together and support one another. Because there is no competition, really. Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own. And another woman’s success is never going to slow down your own.

These beautiful ladies (I call them Magical Maitama Babes), six of them, woke Ifeoma Abwa up early in the morning on her birthday. They whisked her away, from her husband, for a Birthday make-over and then landed at the studio for a photo shoot. Tell me about Stronger Together. Tell me about celebrating one another.

Every woman deserves friends such as these.




Stronger Together
Ifeoma Abwa
From Left to Right: Kai, Sylvia, Toyin, Ify, Josephine, Ngozi and Tolu
Joy unspeakable. The feeling unexplainable.
Their shoes match their bags. Their words also match their actions.
Those eyes…alluring
Those eyes…beguiling




Wives. Mothers. Lovers. Friends.
Blessed Beyond Measure
Ifeoma Abwa












Confident. Generous. Beautiful. Women.
Their strength is in the bond they share.
Those smiles, the best cosmetic ever.

They have a voice. They know what they bring to the table.
Some leaders are born women
They build together, they don’t tear down.
She is magic.

Happy birthday, Ify.

May your smile never be smothered.

May your laughter never be quenched.

May your joy never be dampened.

May your years be full of life.

Happy happy birthday.


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  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!! speechless… Bro. J, Beautiful write up thanks again. I just bless God for the experience, friendship, love and bond I share with these Ladies. This friendship, sisterhood was birthed at the 2014 Women of Excellence getaway at Barcelona Hotels – we came together to express the love of God….. and it’s been an awesome experience.Yes we are indeed STRONGER TOGETHER!. #sistersforlife, #demonstratingtheloveofGod,#strongertogether, #itsallaboutJesus.

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