‘However He Chooses to Express His Love, I’m Accepting.’

Mikaa Wilkins narrated how she caught her husband in the act of surprising her with flowers. According to her, she saw her husband at a store hiding from her because he didn’t want her to see that he was getting her flowers. Or maybe he was getting it for someone else- her first thought.

She revealed that while her husband was hiding away from her, he used his arm to cover his face while he stopped at the cashier to stop and as she wonder why that person who looked like her husband was doing so, it turned out to be him.

Revealing that for the past two years her husband, Cedric Wilkins, has been making a point by giving her a dozen of rose each Friday and they are already known at the floral department of the store where he gets the flowers for her.

Mikaa whose marriage to Cedric is 3-years-old used her story to advice that no matter how busy or occupied a man is, he should take a little time to appreciate his wife as it will make her happy and keep them going.




Credit: motherhoodinstyle.net

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