How are they wired so?

Phone rings


“Hi love. I just checked in.”


“John will branch at the office to drop a file for me before picking the children.”

“He shouldn’t bother, I’ve picked them. They are home.”

“Oh, Okay. Thank you. I need to quickly tell him then before he burns fuel to their school. Please tell Josephine to give them their medication by 6pm. I already told her but she may forget.”


“Champion has one more injection to take. Doc will come in tonight.”

“Okay mummy.”

“I left your ATM card in the drawer of the bedside table.”

“Okay mummy.”

“Josephine said the dispenser water has finished….”

“It will be taken care of, baby.”

“I’m sending you a mail now, please help me review as soon as possible. It’s already late for submission.”

“The mail just came in now. Will review asap, baby.”

“Lanre will pick me from the airport when we land. I will stop over at Sandra’s place to drop the box.”

“You already told me that in the morning, baby.”

“Okay. Did you see the text I sent you?”

“Yes, I saw it and I’ve replied.”

“Okay, I will check my phone.”


I cut in.

“Are you sure they’ve not called your flight?”

“They have called it actually, I’m going now. Guess who is on the same flight with me.”

“Baby, please.” Struggling so hard to appear calm. “Please, just say it.”

“Mikel Obi.”

“Really? Oya, take a selfie with him and send.”

“For what?! You know I’m not you, I can’t. This other guy is also with him, what’s his name? He plays for Chelsea.”

“Victor Moses.”

“Do they have a match this weekend?”

“I think so, they are playing qualifiers this weekend.”

“Okay. They are so fine. Finer than they even look on TV.”

“Baby, I have to go.” I picked up a sheet of paper from the floor. “Remember you are supposed to call John? You’re running late on that already.”

“Hold on. Please don’t forget Princess’ Open Day tomorrow.”

“I won’t. And it starts 11am.”

“Yes, it starts 11am.”


“I’ve boarded…I have to go now…I need to arrange my box and settle.”

Sigh. Finally.

“Oh great…have a safe flight, baby.”

“Love you.”

“Love you more.”


“I’m sorry Onome.”

“It’s okay.”

“Where were we?”

“You were about to print the letters.”

“That’s true. Thanks.”

Five minutes.

Phone rings again.


“Olami, I forgot to mention Champion has one more injection.”

“You didn’t forget, baby. You already told me.”

“Oh okay. Doc said she will come by 9.”

“I know, baby.”

“I will call you when we land.”

“I know that too.”

“Talk to you later.”

I drew a long deep breath.

Onome packed the documents and counted to confirm they were complete before leaving.


Sometimes I can’t explain how God constructed or wired them. Or do they just by themselves call or throw a welcome party for stress? Because, if you are traveling, you should enjoy the few days you will be away and just relax and breathe. But no, she would still monitor affairs from several kilometers away.

How are they wired so? They worry when they are around. They worry more when they are away. They dwell on a matter longer. They stress about stuffs endlessly. Is it hormonal fluctuations? Could it be genetics? Or cultural factors? Or just motherhood? Because, if I’m traveling, I’m traveling! But, not them! They worry too much. From cleaning house to meals to cook. From family members due for visit to maintaining friendships and having goodwill. From work demands to school runs. From what to wear to the greatest of all – losing weight.

Stress will be lying down quietly and they will go and wake him up. And what they should not be bothering about suddenly becomes a bother.



“Hello Olami.”

Jolted back to reality. 90minutes went by so quickly.

“We just landed. The flight was delayed. We were in the air for another twenty minutes unable to land.

“Thank God for safe flight.”

“I’m waiting for Lanre. I just called him now. He said he is close.”


And here comes my drill. I know it when it’s coming.

Have you gotten the water?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Please doc might forget her 9pm appointment, I think you should call her to remind her.”

“Okay ma.”

“Open Day is tomorrow, please, don’t be late.”

“I won’t”

“I told Josephine to make semo for you. I hope that’s okay.”

“Very okay. It will also be okay if you relax and focus on what you are in there for. We will be fine here.”

“Thanks love.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Have the children eaten?”


“Okay, sorry.”

“Apology accepted.”

“I miss you guys.”

“We miss you too. Take care and see you soon.”

“Hold on…I forgot to drop the clothes off for laundry.”


“Okay. Sorry. Lanre is here now.”

“Will talk to you later.”

“Love you.”

“Love you more.”

‘If only there’s a way to never be away.’





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  1. I can totally relate. I guess its the way they are wired. On days my wife leaves the house before me and I have to drop the kids off, then I am sure to get a call at 9:45am or thereabout. “So how are you?, did you guys get to school early? How are they, did Titobioluwa cry when you dropped her off?”. Its good though. I like it like that.

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