Happy Birthday, Pastor Wale Afelumo

Pastor Wale Afelumo

You know, it’s pretty tough to find men to follow today. It’s a huge challenge that our generation today are lacking in Godly men. We lack mentors. We lack leaders.

But today, I make bold to say I found me a mentor. I found me a leader. I found me someone who has remained consistent time and time again.

What is it really about you?

It’s your devotion to His Person.
It’s your unspoken sureness.
It’s your nerve to serve and your drive to thrive.
It’s your zeal to be better and your will to be fresher
It’s your faithfulness to your wife and your genuineness about life.

It’s the fact that your sharpness sharpens
It’s the fact that your strength strengthens
It’s the fact that you model integrity
It’s the fact that you loathe mediocrity
It’s the fact that you handle the Master’s business with no hesitation and no trepidation

So Pastor Wale,

I roll out the drums today to celebrate your finesse and fineness.
I stop today to eulogize your tenacity for rightness and firmness.
Today I extol your liberality in the times of austerity.
Today I salute your loyalty in the throes of unpopularity.

I join others today, on your birthday, to celebrate you

Brother. Friend. Husband. Father. Mentor. Pastor. Wale.

Happy birthday Sir.


Pst Wale Afelumo2


We make a grave mistake when we wait for great men to transit to heaven before we celebrate them. Today is what we have. Now is when it’s done.


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