Hang Out with Milotun and Friends.

It was a beautiful Sunday evening with Damilotun and Friends.

Damilotun and Friends, juwonodutayo.com
Damilotun and Friends


When you have a room peopled with young and upward mobile gentlemen and ladies, you can almost guess right what the topics of discussion would be.

We shared thoughts on purpose, relationships and marriage. We didn’t fail to treat the issue of the good bad guys too. They are smooth as ice and twice as nice, a lady cannot but look in their direction. So what are the dangers?

juwonodutayo.com Lotun
Cross section of friends


And of course if the men have been warned to marry only ladies that can cook and pray for one straight hour, we took time to discuss what the ladies should look out for in their men. And you bet that was explosive.

Very inspiring and engaging evening. Aunty Joke was there to bring a well-needed balance to the discourse. And yes, the food was great too.

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Thanks Damilotun for having us over.

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