They come back home after work. Because time spent with the kids is more refreshing than hang-outs with the boys.

They sit in board rooms, negotiate and seal deals. But afterwards they yank out the tie, pull off their shirts and play catch-me-if-you-can at home.

They direct affairs in church and admonish congregations. But they care to do homework and tuck their children in bed.

They provide for their families, nuclear or extended. But they also do date nights and movie nights with their wives.

They juggle graduation ceremonies with business seminars, Art and Craft Shows with international symposiums, PTA meetings with overseas appointments.

They balance summer vacations with maternity wards, swimming lessons with Manpower conferences, family devotions with late night strolls.

They are there; providing and protecting, leading and supporting, teaching and guiding.

They are near; prompting and inspiring, shielding and defending, listening and encouraging.

Lord, give us Fathers Like That.

Lord, please, make us Fathers Like That.


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