Ever Felt The Pain of a No Call?

Have you ever felt the pain of a no call?

When you tried to make the team

When you submitted the proposal

When you auditioned for the role

When you applied for the job

“We will call you.” That’s what you were told.


You waited with baited breath.

You waited in pulsating silence.

You waited. You checked your phone.

You waited. You checked the network service.


Your thoughts race.

Your lungs burn.

Your stomach churns.

But no call. Ever felt the pain?


But I had long nights of intense practice.

But I made my quotations competitive enough.

But my dictions were on point.

But I answered the questions correctly.

But no call. Ever felt the pain?


Fear and hope at war within you.

Fear gripping. Hope burden.

Despair a suffocating blanket.

Sleep a distant friend.

And no call. Ever felt the pain?


And grrrrrrrrrrrrh, your phone rings.

You fell over as you made a dash for it.

Toe-bleeding, head-aching, leg swollen,

You pressed the answer button

“Hello.” Trying so hard to maintain a calm demeanor.

As you arrange yourself on the seat.

Alas, it was your buddy at the other end.

Ever felt the pain?

phone call

You forced a dry smile with teeth in it.

You suppressed the anger brewing and contained your disdain.

You feigned indifference and endured the ‘stupid’ gist.

You massaged your throbbing head and cut the line.

Ever. Felt. The. Pain?


No call. No text. No mail. No post.

And your friends asked incessantly,

“Have they called you?”


If only they knew what major turn around this call would make.

If only they knew how much you have waited for this pie in the sky.

If only they knew how many times you had to answer the same question.

If only they knew how many times you had to give the same answer.

If only they knew.


Silent phones. Empty inbox.

Zilch. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And the question remains

“Have they called you?”










‘Yes, Eventually.’




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Written by juwonodutayo

Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Blogger. Roger Federer Fan.

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