Couple Crush Wednesday: Fela and Tara Durotoye – Enjoying the best of both worlds.

These two are proof that you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a superb marriage and you can have your career too! Yes! You can eat your cake and have it! You only need to ask Tara how.

Fela Tara4

She is Nigerian make-up artist extraordinaire, lawyer and pioneer in the bridal make-up profession in Nigeria. She is the CEO of House of Tara International. She has set up international standard make-up studios all over the country and she established the first make-up school in Nigeria. House of Tara has expanded into over 15 branches alongside several network of make-up schools.

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He is a motivational speaker, youth mobilizer and author. He is the CEO of Visible Impact, CEO of GEMSTONE Group, a leadership development institution with a distinct mandate to raise a Generation of leaders that are Empowered, Motivated and Stirred To Operate with Natural Excellence (GEMSTONE). He is a nation builder and he is a transformational speaker.

Yes! They are not in the same career! And they are generals in their chosen careers!

Fela Tara

My generation has been sold a lie that a woman cannot have both – career and marriage. We are told something has to give, one has to suffer. Either the family/marriage suffers or you pack up your career and retire to the kitchen. But am I happy that Fela and Tara are proving the bookmakers wrong. Tara is thoroughly enjoying the best of both worlds, a husband that loves her to the moon and back and a career in make-up artistry that is breaking records and blazing the trail.

That is why I believe these two owe us. They owe us their story, either in form of a book, a seminar, a conference, whatever you may call it. They need to share how they strike the balance – flourishing careers and awesome relationship. They need to tell us how their three boys are not slowing them down while they globe-trot. She needs to tell us how she has become a case study in Ivy League Colleges and still has her marriage untouched. How she has her hands in so many things and still meet the demands of a wife, mother and lover. You guys owe us. But I digressed.


I’m here to crush on them today for 15+ amazing years of being an incredible couple. These adorable lovebirds make you jealous and give you tons of prayer points.

When Tara turned 37, Fela sent her bouquets from midnight. She woke up to see the first one on her bed. She broke into a smile and thanked her God for being so blessed with an amazing husband. She sauntered to the bathroom and another bouquet was there waiting for her. Her mouth opened wider. But Fela wasn’t done. She arrived office that day and another was delivered to her. Another bouquet was delivered to her at home in the evening. But loverboy Fela wasn’t done. He had different colognes scattered all over the house; in her drawer, in the kitchen, in the toilet, just name it.


They celebrate their wedding anniversaries in different choice places around the world. And that is sacrosanct. That’s how much value they place on their relationship. Go check their calendars, no engagement, business meeting, function or assignment dare usurp that date.

Three hearty cheers to my crush today. I respect what you both have done and achieved. But more importantly, I venerate the love you share.

Keep blazing the trail.

Felatara1 Felatara2


FelaTara D1


FelaTara D4 FelaTara D5 FelaTara D6 FelaTara D7 FelaTara D8


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