Couple Crush Wednesday: Dare and Busola Adeniji – Delightful Duo

Many love stories happened and still happen in the University of Ibadan. Several married couples today would tell you how their romance started in Idia hall and Kuti hall. Others would reminisce about their clandestine meetings in Queen Elizabeth II and how they now have five children to show for it. And there were those that happened only after they left the four walls of the university. This one was one of the latter. And aren’t we glad it happened?

Allow me do the honours and give you the gist. #Ilovelovestories.


Dre’s younger brother was dating Busola’s friend in the university. Yeah, pretty twisted like that. So they practically got to meet on few occasions but they really weren’t looking in each other’s direction because they both had designs on other persons. You know how it is, she basically just saw him as the older brother of her friend’s boyfriend. You figure.



School ended, Busola changed career path. She became a graduate executive in UBA, Oba Akran, Lagos. And guess who she saw on the queue one fateful day as she was trying to sort a customer’s query? Mr Elder Brother of My Friend’s Boyfriend! Dre screamed “friend mi!” and lifted her up. (All these brothers that will just be carrying sister and still be pretending they have no hidden agenda. Wehdone Sir!) Yes! He lifted her off the ground in the banking hall, in the public, in the glaring eyes of onlookers. He carried her. No shame. Oh well, from the picture, he hasn’t stopped carrying and she obviously enjoys that back.

There was not much time to talk – it was an office environment. But Dre was fast enough to collect her number. I mean, he didn’t do it while in UI, he wouldn’t miss this second opportunity. As a fellow man, I identify. And sometimes, carriers are marriers, as in ‘If you can’t carry her, why should you marry her?’ Figuratively speaking, that is. And you may quote me on that.

Let’s get back to the story.

They started chatting for hours on phone. And since they had both just ended their previous love relationships there seemed to be plenty to talk about, apparently. In fact Busola would not waste time in asking Dre to introduce her to some of his friends. Well, she didn’t think he fancied her like that. He had also asked her once to escort him to see a love interest. She didn’t. According to her she wouldn’t want to be the one killing mosquitoes for them.

They were on an ice cream date one hot afternoon when Dre asked her out. No, Busola wasn’t shocked. And she didn’t fake it too. Don’t be deceived by all those dramatics many ladies put up when they are proposed to. Nine out of ten times, they knew!

Dre was leaving for the UK a week after and she felt he asked because he was panicking. She boldly told him to ask again when he was a lot calmer. lol.

Fast forward 18 months after, he was walking her down the aisle on 23rd September, 2006, (on my birthday.)

Dare and Busola are a delightful, joyful duo. Their joy is contagious and they infect you with their sweetness if you hang around them for any length of time.



Tall, fair, handsome and double-dimpled Dre is one of the finest gentlemen I know.

A natural diplomat. Intelligent, responsible and hardworking.

He puts family first and his relationship with God is one he is not cagey about.













If anyone finds a picture of Busola where she is not smiling, please send me.

She is the Chief Smiler of the family. And that’s the same warmth she exudes as she opens her doors to people just to love on them.

She is a natural leader and giver and your go-to cheerleader. She doesn’t do small. Her creed always is ‘If you serve a big God why make small plans?’










Dre and Busola will be eleven next month and it looks like their honeymoon just started. Blessed with two cool boys and it just might happen a pretty girl might be added into the mix during this 11th anniversary. #justpassingby.

These two have it in their bucket list to tour the world. Dre likes to see places, and with Busola, the adventure is even more fun. I’m not surprised they have covered more than half of Europe. And Busola can take pictures! They are making memories together, they are creating beautiful impressions in the sands of time. And that is the stuff healthy relationships are made of.










Guys, we should do Wimbledon together before Federer retires o!








Don’t mind me, I had to squeeze wifey in somewhere. lol

I respect you guys and I celebrate your growth through the years. Your path keeps shining brighter and brighter, it is evidence of His mighty hand.

Shine on guys!




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