Couple Crush Wednesday: Biodun and Titi Ehindero: The potent power of choice

Teenage Love blazing the trail

Looks like Biodun and Titi were bound, underwired, even before they even knew how to spell their names. They grew up in the same compound, he attended same secondary school with her siblings and their parents worshiped in the same church. They had been in each other’s faces from the word go.

But, Biodun was shy, too shy to speak to girls, too shy to even stand wherever girls gathered. He literarily avoided them like Zika virus. Then again, Titi was different. She was a pick from the bunch. She had that genteel personality that was quite noticeable and infectious. And for a long time Biodun could only admire this slender eye-browed, honey-like skin lady from afar. His admiration continued to grow as days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, and yes, months turned to years.

Then fate had it (I still struggle to believe he didn’t scheme it) Titi’s younger sister became his school daughter. How strategic! You remember the era of school fathers and school mothers back in the days? (Not sure it still trends today.) Anyway, can you imagine, Titi’s younger sister becoming Biodun’s school daughter!!! Kai! The hunter was closing in on his prey. The bait had been skilfully arranged and the catch was inevitable. Titi was kept in close proximity and the clock began to tick.

So Biodun would engage Titi’s sister in pep talks, how she needed to focus on her studies, how she should prepare well for her exams, how she should listen well in class, how this how that… until the conversation would meander to Titi. And they would linger there for a while. You know what I mean! Or some days Biodun would keep this little girl with him for longer than usual till Titi came looking for her. From the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of Love had suffered scheming, and the schemers….(fill in the gaps)

It came to pass on that fateful day that Biodun was having the usual tete-a-tete with this little one, that Titi came over because it was time to go home. Or it was about time for the two of them to be introduced. As soon as she showed up, guess Biodun’s first words to her: ‘Why are you always in a hurry?’ And with that they were introduced.

After that long-awaited introduction, our 18-year old, choir boy, school head boy, Biodun, put pen on paper and wrote his love interest a love letter. High school love wasn’t all that frivolous back then. And from the tree Biodun was cut from, he was more focused than boys of his age. He turned his cousin into a mail-delivery man and waited, like a little child waiting for Christmas to come, for what she would say.

When I asked Titi if she felt the same about him. She didn’t mince words, ‘I had been thinking about him even before the letter came. Not only was I thinking about him, I dreamt we actually became a pair.’ Dreams do come through, after all! And when she replied his letter, he felt completed, like a plant that had just been watered.

Biodun and Titi are from broken homes. Titi was 8 years old when her parents broke up. Biodun was 2 months old when his separated. They didn’t grow up in an ideal home setting. Their parents had designs on other persons. Biodun’s dad actually had four. But Biodun and Titi have been married for nineteen years now (yesterday was their 19th wedding anniversary) and they still look like they tied the knot two weeks ago. I added that bit of information to make a point. I wanted to know what made the difference. Biodun looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said, “It was a choice, Juwon. I made a choice. That my dad had four would never be an excuse. I told myself I would do differently. And with Titi, it has been fun all the way. We feel like it’s our first anniversary, truly.”

And I couldn’t agree more. Time truly flies when you are having fun.

Did I mention they shut down the city of Jos on their wedding? They had been there for a lot of people, shown so much love to many that people felt it was a sin not to attend their wedding.


In 1998, they both made that decision, a choice to walk together hand in hand and achieve purpose. A choice to forsake all others and stay committed to their vows. It’s 19 years after, their resolve only became stronger, their vision clearer and their influence bigger. They still walk hand in hand, literally. And you only need to spend a couple of seconds with these two before you know that the love they share is true and real.




Two beautiful teenagers to show for this choice. The story only gets better from here as Biodun and Titi begin to record bigger milestone achievements in their lives and in their children’s.



Biodun and Titi both serve in the worship team of our local church. They are marriage counselors to many couples in and out of church. These two make the marriage institution desirable. And today, I celebrate the potent power of choice. I celebrate Biodun and Titi Ehindero.

Happy anniversary, senior friends. You know I’m a huge fan.


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  1. I must admit Juwon has tremendous writing skills; quite captivating, educative, transforming and helpful in building hope in lost relationships.

  2. I love the Ehinderos. Very humble couple. Anytime you see them like Juwon said, they look like they just met. Always smiling and always together with their two lovely kids. I’m amazed they’ve been married for 19 years. It will only get better. I wish many more happy years in marital bliss together. God bless and keep you both.

  3. A real inspiring love story indeed, I remembered clearly back in our days at St John’s College, Jos how Titi’s younger sister Aina runs Love errands for her sister and Snr. Biodun, little did we know that it will culminate into a life time relationship. I am so impressed by your love story and I wish you well on your 19th wedding Anniversary. God bless your union!!!

  4. A true, love story. Abiodun is the most level headed, clearly focused individual I’ve been privileged to know! I’m not surprised God has blessed him with the best gift a man can get. A good wife. You guys rock. Keep trusting.

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