But it did not become her.

When the world dictates your life.

But it did not become her…

I heard her say
I don’t need a man
And I saw the trepidation on your face
You shushed her privately
And said take that back,
Lest you remain lonely for ever
But I saw her forget to pack a box
To follow him after the wedding
Assuming she will return to her home
For a day or two
And marriage never became her


I heard her say
I don’t want a child
And I saw the anger in your eyes
You scolded her openly
And accused her of being selfish
But I saw her red swollen lids
After the bout of depression
Assuming the baby will into a man transform
After a month or two
And motherhood never became her


I heard her say
I don’t want the job
And I saw the sneer on your lips
You silenced her confidentially
And demanded thanks for the favour
But I saw her laugh fade
And her self wither
Assuming the satisfaction will come
After a year or three
And chief-executive never became her.

It did not become her.

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