Writer. Tutor. Speaker. Relationship Coach.

I am a firm believer in the fact that life, in all its uncertainties and complications, in all its highs and lows, can be fun, exciting and enjoyable. Our journeys are unique, our stories are peculiar, the characters are real, and the phases, though unpredictable, are all part of the exclusive package; they are all part of the process. Each one of us is telling their own distinct story. And because we are all wired differently, our stories are original and peerless.

Our relationships form an integral part of these stories.

I talk relationships I breathe love conversations. I am on my hobby horse when I am in a love discourse. I am constantly searching, persistently working and ever willing to make what I have with my wife better because it is my belief that we can love better, live better and be better. There’s a place called forward for every man, every woman, every relationship and every marriage. That’s the journey my wife and I are on and will be willing to take as many as possible on this journey – the more the merrier.

JuwonOdutayo.com provides you tools to help you nurture and cherish the uniqueness of your relationship and marriage. It provides you engaging articles, podcasts, eBooks that will probe your mind-sets and review your mentalities towards tweaking your relationship to a place where happiness resides and joy is found.

If I find it helpful, I will post it. If I find it useful, I will share it. If it’s relevant to our living, let’s talk about it. And if it will make us better, then let’s do it.


I am Juwon Odutayo …I help nurture relationships that matter.