5 Things Your Wife Wishes You’d Do More Often

This would help you. They are things you’ve done at one point or the other in your relationship but, well, I don’t know what happened, you dropped the ball and just wouldn’t do them again. So, I came to remind you and let you know your wife wishes you’d do them more often. Remember, the saying, happy wife, happy life!


  1. Pray for her

There’s nothing more attractive, appealing and romantic than a praying husband. Maybe there are but I don’t know them. She wishes you would pray more often for her(and truth be told, you would be shocked to see the changes you desire come through as you do so). It may be in the morning when you wake up or at night just before you sleep. Not a generalized prayer but one that has her name written on it with details of things she would like done or hope for. It is not always long, in fact it could be less than a minute. What makes it effective is the consistency.


  1. Put down your phone

She wants you to put down your phone when she is spending time with you. She wants to know that the people on the other side are not as important to you as she is. It is rude to have your eyes fixated on your device when your partner is speaking with you. Just put the phone down, it won’t hurt you, trust me.


  1. Tell her you love her.

And that there’s no one above her. And that she is your favourite. And that you are incomplete without her. And that she makes your world go round. And that you love hanging out with her. And that if you had to do this all over again, it would be her. Do it often.


  1. Share your thoughts and feelings.

She wants you to drop the boss role in the office and be a playmate at home. Share your thoughts and feelings. It’s endearing for her to know you could be all macho in the public but with her is where you are vulnerable and not ashamed. It gives her a special priceless feeling.



5. Wait.

Don’t be selfish. Don’t just rush in and jet out. Take some chill pill and just play. And I’m not speaking in tongues. Okay, I’m speaking in tongues. Whatever! She wants you to wait for her to warm up. You may be the gas cooker but she is the electric cooker. The electric takes time to warm up before it gets hot. Don’t be in a hurry, patience is a virtue, wait. Play. Farabale. Relax. Let her enjoy it. Do it often.


I will give you a bonus.



  1. Write love notes.

They work magic. The memories they create are irreplaceable.



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